How much is your custom shirt going to cost?

There are many factors and you can email ( or call us at any time to discuss your ideas and get a quote. When we quote our gear, we like to quote with everything included (Garment, Artwork, Setup, Printing, Tax, and Freight). with Creation Marketing, we eliminate any hidden setup/screen/unexpected fees.)

Here are things to consider when designing a shirt:

Garment – We offer a wide variety of garments that can be found in our catalogs section. We have a lot to choose from, but prices vary a lot. We are happy to help you pick a garment to meet your quality and price needs.

Print Quantity – Print quantity is the biggest factor in determining print cost. Artwork and Setup (we factor this into our quotes so you know what you will pay up front) are greatly affected by print quantity. Imagine our cost is $60 for artwork and setup. If you are printing 10 shirts, we have to factor $6 a shirt ($60/10 = $6). If you are printing 100 shirts, we only have to factor $.60 ($60/100 = $.60) a shirt into our quote. You can see why quantity makes such a difference.

Artwork – The more detailed and complex design, the more our artist charges us which in turn can cost you more. Making a lot of revisions can add cost as well. We generally include art in our quotes (unless we make a different arrangement up front) after discussing with you your needs. It is important that we get you artwork you love, but if you are on a tight budget or are printing just a few shirts, it is good to think simple and come with a clear understanding of what you would like.

Print Locations – The more locations you choose to print, the more the shirt will cost. Popular print locations are front chest, left chest, full back, sleeve, and collar. We are happy to print in multiple locations, but keep in mind, the more locations, the more cost. As explained in “Print Quantity” though, the more shirts you are printing, the less this affects pricing. As a very rough estimate, based on 36 shirts, each print location adds about $3.00 per shirt.

Print Colors – Each print color adds cost. Adding colors however is not as expensive as adding locations. It would be cheaper to have a three color design in one print location, than a one color design with 3 print locations.

Feel free to email ( or call us (425-246-0454) with questions or to request a quote. We have done projects with costs as low as $4 per shirt and costs as high as $60 per shirt. It really just comes down to you needs. We factor everything (garment, quantity, artwork, locations, colors, tax, and freight) into our quote so you can know EXACTLY what you will pay before we start.